Country Kitchens Ideas

Tired of the ultra-modern black and white and chrome of your kitchen? Perhaps you need some country kitchens ideas, have you gone beyond the desire for sleek minimalism and long for the comfort of a warm and cozy country kitchen? Many of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so comfort is right up there with convenience. Here are some ways to create that feeling of warmth in your kitchen.

Let’s start from the bottom up. You may want to cover the existing linoleum with one of the many laminate hardwood floorings that are available at building supply superstores. Snap-and-glue or lock-together flooring pieces are fairly inexpensive, don’t require a subfloor underneath for installation, and are extremely durable — a good move if you have children or pets.

Wood comes in many different shades, so pick one that will work well with your choice of cupboards and countertop. So let’s think about cupboards. Bring home some earth-colored paint swatches and see what strikes your comfort zone. Try an antique olive green, light mocha or honey. Before painting, wash your cupboards clean of grease and grime, then lightly scuff them with sandpaper and wipe down again to remove loose dust.

Mix your chosen paint color half and half with glaze. Apply with a 1-4″ paintbrush, then take a rag made from an old cotton t-shirt and lightly rub the painted area with the rag to give an antiqued texture to the cupboards. Paint the trim in a solid color without the glaze to add contrast. When choosing doorknobs, try copper or wrought iron to create an aged look.

Now for the countertop, more country kitchens ideas. Buying countertops can be expensive, especially if you require a custom size or have your heart set on granite. One inexpensive way to resurface the countertop is with ceramic tile, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

12 x12 is a good size for countertops, or try smaller Mexican tiles with bright colored designs for the backsplash. After you lay the tiles, grout the seams. Charcoal grout seems to compliment most tile and always looks clean. Finish with two-inch wood trim in a color like red oak for added warmth.

Finally, choose a warm color to paint the kitchen walls. Shades of brown — such as desert sand, rice cake, or light coffee — add warmth to the room and don’t compete with the color of the cupboards. If the room is large enough, one wall could be painted with a darker or brighter color.

With all the basics in place, add decorative finishing touches, such as aged copper pots and pans hanging from a rack above the stove to wicker baskets or antique cooking utensils picked up at garage sales. A pottery or glass water pitcher filled with fresh flowers is a lovely addition.

If you have an eat-in kitchen, a wooden hutch or antique baker’s rack is the perfect setting for your aunt’s tea cozy and your collection of cookbooks. Now fill your country kitchen with the aroma of cinnamon buns made from Grandma’s recipe… and enjoy.

Country Kitchens Ideas

Kitchen Tiles With Flower Designs – Home Improvement Tiling

If you are considering wall covering such as kitchen tiles with flower designs to decorate your home it is best to have an understanding of the tiles you will need to finish the jobs without problem.

  1. Universal tiles are best fitted in the home, yet the Universal tiles do not have spacers, thus it will only add more work to your task.
  2. Ceramic tiles are far more suited, especially if you are just getting started since the ceramic tiles have thin mortar utilized for filling spacing, also known as grout.
  3. Spacer tiles are also easier since they have lugs to fill in the spacing.
  4. Mosaic tiles are more convenient around cluttering areas or areas where pipes exist.

Thus, if you are considering tiling your walls in the kitchen or bathroom it might be wise to consider the Ceramic tiles and/or Spacer tiles.

Mirror tiles and Cork tiles are also good, but the mirror tiling adhesives on the walls, thus it might become irritated when moisture, heat, and steam target the tiles. Yet the mirrors block some of this distraction thus mirrors in the bathroom and kitchen area would work out fine. To get started tiling your room you will need tools, materials and a bit of skill. It is wise to have plaster, paint thinner, sealer primer, a detergent that you will dilute with water, sandpaper, and wood primer.

If you have clear walls, free of damage, cracks, holes, et cetera you can get away with purchasing a few of these items. However, if you put up tile, placing the tiles over the holes in the walls, lumps, or other faulty areas you are only wasting your money. Before tiling, it makes sense to clean the area and fix any damages to the wall area. If the wall has paint, peeling uses your sandpaper and scraper to remove the paint. The sandpaper is used to sand down the area smoothing it for adhesives.

If the wall is clear of faults, thus clean the wall area before applying tiles. If the plasterboards are interrupted, clean the area with the thinner and add a coating of wood primer to the area. Make sure it is dry before adding the tiles. If there are holes or cracks in the wall, fill in the area with the plaster and sand it once it is dry. Be sure the area is dry before tiling the walls. You may need patches if the holes are large, thus purchasing a plaster kit is cheaper than buying the materials individually.

If you have wallpaper covering, your walls make sure you remove the paper before tiling, clean and smooth out the area. If the walls a covered with woodwork clean paint the area with primer before tiling and make sure the wood is sturdy. Tiling over tiles is not a problem; however, the tiles must be free of error and sealed with primer for adhesives to stick.

You will need a few tools for finishing the job. The tools will include pincers, straight head screwdriver, spirit leveler, tile cutter, notch spreader, wheel cutter, tile file, and grout. You will also need a hammer and a few masonry nails, and a few screws. Tile mastic is needed to stick the tiles and the grout is needed around areas such as sinks, or other areas where waterworks.

You will receive instructions with the materials purchased, thus make sure you take the time to read these instructions to reach a satisfactory result. It makes no sense to improve your home leaning on your own knowledge, especially if you are not traded in the area.

Most home improvement jobs are easy, especially if the person can follow instructions. When you improve your home you are increasing equity, thus doing the job, the right will benefit you more than freestyling the home.Kitchen Tiles With Flower Designs

Improving the home benefits the homeowner, since when improvements are made the home is preserved. Furthermore, home improvement brings out the personality in you, thus it is making a statement to visitors. Imagine your friends and family saying, “wow, what a creative soul we have in our association.”