How To Defend Yourself Against A Knife Attack – Security Tip

To get attacked by knife is the most unpredictable and harmful activity. They can cause harm or damage to your body. But we can deal well with this situation if we stay calm and follow some below-written information. So now we will discuss how to defend ourselves if we ever get attacked by a knife.

Try to yell out for some help: In this situation, you can try to yell out for help. If you are a public place, other people can help you in every possible way. You can yell out in loud voice by saying “Someone please help me”. Suppose if you are in some remote area, try yelling anyway. You can try out some loud whistle which can also indicate someone to help you.

Don’t panic yourself: It is very difficult to stay calm or quiet in this situation. But if you panic in this condition, you are giving the attacker a strong chance from the beginning itself. Relax your mind and body and take a deep breath and figure what the attacker is up to. You don’t have to fear if he is not a mugger.

Try to escape or run if possible: It will be the best way to defend yourself is to escape or to run away from the situation. It might sound cowardly, but it will be the best chance of your survival. So better to run fast whenever you get chance. But never take risk of your life and be alert to.

Fight if needed: You can also protect yourself by fighting with attacker but you have to be very calm and confident. You can start your fight by pretending that you have been surrendered. Just raise your hands, and apply your attack strategy. But also keep a watchful eye on attacker’s activity and knife while you launch your attacking strategy. If guns are legal in your country, you can have one. But don’t forget to keep it in safe place else it can be misused. If you usually travel by car in some insecure place, use car gun safes for your protection. Else for home, there are so many best safes for your gun reviewed by gun safe review.

Disarm or dispossesses their knife: If you are not carrying a weapon, you can grab their weapon at any cost. You can grab the knife just by grabbing their wrist tightly, or you can also use punching or striking technique to disarm them. If you know martial arts, then you can make this situation in your favor. You can also kick or throw away a knife from attacker’s approach.

Surrender yourself or give them whatever they want: You can ask or engage the attacker in some talking and ask them whatever they want. If they are professional, they will demand your valuables. Jewellery, money or your phone is nothing when it is compared to your life.

So by following above written information, you can defend yourself against a knife attack.

You can try these useful ideas to protect yourself from these harmful attacks.  Everyone must enroll themselves in self-defense courses which will develop self-confidence and make you capable of handling these situations in very efficient manner. So guys start taking self-defense courses and are prepared for all situations of your life.