Old World Style Kitchen Designs

Remodeling your kitchen is expensive and a lot of work. But a well thought out, the detailed plan could produce an old world style kitchen designs kitchen where you will enjoy years of memorable experiences.


The planning phase of your remodel is the time to keep in mind the “work triangle”. This is the area of the kitchen from the refrigerator to the cooking area to the sink. Connecting these 3 areas should form a triangle.

This triangle helps to keep your cooking activities in one area, with everything you need close by. Under cabinet lighting has become quite popular. And because they free up valuable counter space, under cabinet mounted appliances are also in demand.

Hiring A Professional

Unless your talents lie in this area, hiring a professional will save you many headaches as your project unfolds. There are lots of professionals out there – interior designers, contractors, and architects. Pick one that specializes in the old world style kitchen designs you are interested in.

A knowledgeable designer/planner should discuss how you live. Generally, people know what they don’t like. However, they may not know what they will like or what may fit in with their lifestyle and how they use the kitchen.

For instance, someone that is concerned about cross-contamination and unwanted germs in the kitchen might want to consider some of the “no-touch” products available now.

An avid cook may want to consider refrigerator drawers next to their food prep area, keeping recipe ingredients within easy reach.

While you are remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider installing a home wet bar somewhere in your house. These are becoming quite popular and as long as you are hiring a designer you can have them come up with a home bar design.

A kitchen planner/designer’s focus should be to design for the way a person lives, and asking the right questions will ensure your finished kitchen fits you and your budget.

Consider Cost Vs. Value

Kitchens are becoming more of a showplace and an entertainment area in homes. Remodeling your kitchen may be one of the most important home improvements you can make, and it is the most valuable.

More and more people are spending anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000 on kitchen remodels. Even $100,000 is not unheard of for some kitchens.

Not only will you get a beautiful new kitchen, but also your home value will increase dramatically more than the cost of the remodel job.


More expensive, commercial type stainless steel appliances have become quite popular. So much so that at the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual show, one of the major appliance manufacturers referred to stainless steel as “the new primary color”.

Another interesting fact about stainless steel is that according to a study done at the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, stainless steel received the 1st position for cleanliness above five other materials commonly used in kitchens. In other words, after washing and rinsing, stainless steel will have far fewer bacteria on it than any other material.

In addition to the standard appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves there are some slick new appliances available although not all of these will be suitable for old world style kitchen designs.

For your new kitchen consider the stainless steel automatic paper towel dispenser mentioned earlier, an in-sink dishwasher, a flat-screen TV screen mounted under your cabinet, built-in warming drawers or refrigerator drawers to name just a few.

Style Kitchen Designs

Cabinets and Countertops

The biggest expense of your kitchen remodel will be the cabinets and countertops. Cabinets range from the most expensive custom built, to the “off the shelf” variety available at home centers. Countertops range from the upper-end granite and marble type to laminate, the least expensive.

Whatever your budget, there is a large variety of cabinets and countertops available that will fit your taste and budget especially for old world style kitchen designs.


When contemplating a kitchen remodel, remember planning is the key first step. Deciding beforehand what you will need from your kitchen depending on your own unique lifestyle (and budget!) will help to make sure you end up with a kitchen you will enjoy for years to come.

Even if you plan on moving at some point after the remodel, don’t forget that kitchen projects add more value to your home than any other improvement.

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